COVID Guidelines
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Safety at Game On

In a continued effort to protect our customers, we are increasing our existing precautionary measures and taking steps above and beyond requirements to help ensure our gamers' safety.

Masks are required at all times unless eating, drinking, a medical condition, or difficulty breathing prevents it.

We have more hand sanitizing stations than is required. We have sanitizing stations located within 25 feet of any spot inside the building. People need to sanitize before entering the building.

We will take your temperature before you are allowed to play. Temperatures over 99.5 degrees will not be permitted to stay in the facility.

All equipment is sanitized after each person uses the equipment. All desks, monitors, mice, keyboards, and chairs will be disinfected when someone leaves the facility.

We request that people not only “check-in” but also “check-out” of the facility to ensure we keep accurate records of when people are in the facility.

We limit the number of customers to one customer per every 100 square feet of space. Following this means will we be within the recommended CDC guidelines for the number of people in our facility.

All PCs will be spaced a minimum of 8 feet apart, greater than the 6 feet social distancing guidelines.

Family members and people who come to the facility together will be permitted to sit next to each other. However, they must follow the guidelines above.