Rocket League Rules
  • 920-287-3678

General Tournament Rules

  • Check in for competitors begins 90 minutes before tournament start
  • Competitors must check-in 15 minutes or earlier before tournament starts or risk being DG’ed. If you’re running late, call the venue at 920-287-3678.
  • Venue fee includes playtime on XBOX, PlayStation, PC, and retro stations. Competitors are welcome to use equipment if it does not interfere with tournament flow.
  • Players are allowed to back out of the tournament at any time.
  • Tournaments can be played on PC, PlayStation, and XBOX.

Tournament Rules

  • Mode 1v1
  • Competitors play one game per round
  • Single elimination after losing 1 match
  • Each tournament match has a window of 20 minutes to be played
  • Everyone who joins this tournament will play - players may have a BYE in the first round. (BYE mean you get a free round)
  • players will play 1 game against each other and track the number of goals. The player with the most goals after 1 game will move on to the next round.
  • At the end of each match, players must report the number of Goals + the number of goals your opponent has to the TO or post a picture of the results in our discord.


  • In the event of a player lagging out during the warm-up lobby, players must leave the game and start another game session.
  • In the event of a player lagging out at the beginning of a game, both players must leave the game and start another game session. Video evidence is required to be provided.

How to Play

1. In Rocket League all players will join one lobby.

2. The hosting player adds his opponent, via Epic Friends List and invites them to the game.

3. Once the players have joined, the host launches the game and play commences.

4. The winning player will be determined by the player with the largest number of total goals.

    Prize Pool:

    For 4-9 competitors: $35 for 1st place and $15 for 2nd place.

    For 10-19 competitors: 70/30 split for Top 2.

    For 20-29 competitors: 50/30/20 split for Top 3.

    For 30-59 competitors: 50/25/15/10 split for Top 4.

    For 60-119 competitors: 45/20/15/10/5/5 for Top 6.

    For 120+ competitors: 40/20/15/10/5/5/2.5/2.5 for Top 8.