Apex Legends Rules
  • 920-287-3678

Apex Tournament Rule Set

General Tournament Rules

  • Check in for competitors begins 90 minutes before tournament start
  • Competitors must check-in 15 minutes or earlier before tournament starts or risk being DG’ed. If you’re running late, call the venue at 920-287-3678.
  • Venue fee includes playtime on XBOX, PlayStation, PC, and retro stations. Competitors are welcome to use equipment if it does not interfere with tournament flow.
  • Players are allowed to back out of the tournament at any time.
  • Tournaments can be played on PC, PlayStation, and XBOX.
  • Game On has the right to disqualify a team if any form of cheating is suspected.
  • Cheating includes, but is not limited to:
  • 1. Cheating
  • 2. Hacking
  • 3. Ghosting
  • 4. Reverse boosting
  • 5. Smurfing
  • 6. Use of a 3rd party program that gives one player an unfair advantage over another.
  • 7. Key hacks, such as a Cronus Zen or Macros.
  • Reverse boosting is defined as deliberately under-performing in games prior to tournament play to be placed in a lower tier lobby.
  • Trolling, intentionally throwing the game, and excessive profanity/rage will result in a warning, if continued after the warning is placed, you will be removed from the tournament.

Apex Rules

Game Mode

  • Duos, Division Kill Race: 3 hours – Best 4 matches (Squads may leave the matches early to start a new match).

Tie Breakers

  • The team with the player with the most kills from the 4 reported matches wins.

Score System

Kills = 1 point

Placement Modifier

  • First place = X 3 Kills
  • Second place = X 2.25 Kills
  • Third place = X 2 Kills
  • Fourth place = X 1.5 Kills
  • Fifth place = X1.25 Kills

Advanced: 7 or less

Intermediate: 3.5 or less

Beginner: 2.3 or less

Prize Pool:

For 4-9 competitors: $35 for 1st place and $15 for 2nd place.

For 10-19 competitors: 70/30 split for Top 2.

For 20-29 competitors: 50/30/20 split for Top 3.

For 30-59 competitors: 50/25/15/10 split for Top 4.

For 60-119 competitors: 45/20/15/10/5/5 for Top 6.

For 120+ competitors: 40/20/15/10/5/5/2.5/2.5 for Top 8.